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Welcome to my bloggy blog blog

A big hearty welcome to my blog. It will be free flowing and sporadic just like me.

Im a woman in my crone years which I’m striving to embrace and I just love creating art in many forms. That’s what I’ll be sharing on my blog, my art, my thoughts (when I find the words as I'm an ADHD gal with mental health issues) and there will be pictures for the folks like me that lose focus when you read.

Well it's fitting I should start off with my retro typography art, as that's what I do, I make art when my brain wants to go to war with my emotions.

So a wee bitty about me, I live on the east coast of Fife right by the sea and by that alone I am blessed. I was brought up in the village of Dysart, which is now famous for where part of the Outlander series was filmed at the harbour.

A big thankyou goes out to Andrew Davies from ADHD media for making this excellent footage of Dysart Harbour, where I spent most of my childhood getting up to mischief with my friends.

Jumping in the water with a tractor tyre tube, losing my wellies which got sucked up in the mud and breaking my toe on a dare to lift up a heavy metal ring.

I have very many happy childhood memories in pretend and creative play with my group of friends. I even learned to play dominoes from the old men that sat in the creosote hut smoking their pipes.

Andrew has captured a great view of the harbour and and the music is credited to Marcus Warner.

You can find Andrew's work

As Claire, Jamie and Murtagh arrive in Le Havre, France at the start of season 2 of Outlander, Dysart Harbour is used as this French harbour. Here we meet their new nemesis, the Comte St. Germain.

pics taken on site during filming

It's amazing what a green screen can do!


The earliest records date the town of Dysart to the 13th century, but the local legend of St Serf dates the area to 500 AD.

Exports of local salt and coal in the 16th and 17th centuries trade expanded to the Baltic Countries. Dysart earned the nicknames of “Salt Burgh” and “Little Holland”. You can see the Dutch influence in Dysart’s buildings inspired by the shipowners who went there.

I of course, have made artwork of a few of Dysart's historic landmarks in my mixed media style.

The infamous red painted heavy heavy metal ring is still pride of place at the Harbourmasters house at the top of the steps. My toe does not forget!!

Last year I took part in Dundee’s fun a day in January and I decided to paint important memories of my childhood in Dysart. BUT.........

I didn’t want it on regular paper, so I decided to drink lots of tea and use the teabags instead.

I had teabags drying on the radiators and I thoroughly enjoyed doing little miniature artworks on them and for once it was all about little Adrienne.

Well think that’s a start to my first blog and who knows where it will go. As I said it’s a free flowing blog and I look forward to seeing what comes out in the next one.

Ta ta for now and take care

Adrienne xx

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