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My Scottish Bothies

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Well what can I say, I love love love the wee quirky Bothies you can discover in Scotland.

So..., I wanted to create some but with a colourful pop in my style.

I discovered printing onto a big gel plate and wow it’s such a joy to work with, however there should be a disclaimer on it saying. `warning only use if you want the dishes and clothes to pile up, and paper taking over your whole house’, its so addictive!

I can give Francis Bacon a run for his money!

I’m thankful for Francis Bacon

He makes me feel normal!

  • I don’t know who to credit the original photograph to?

Here is what the infamous plate of gel looks like. I purchased the gelli arts plates but there’s other makes and a few recipies out there for making your own which I’ve yet to try.

If you want more info you can pop across to house revivals blog where she has done a comparison.

Once you start using your brayer to add the paint the world is your oyster creating colours, textures, patterns, line marking. Did I mention it’s addictive.

Heres a few of my very first gel prints I ever did.

The pile grew and grew

After my first 100 sheets of copier paper it was time to do something with them and as the blog is a nod to my beloved Bothies, you can see what i did with some of the prints in my video below.

If you made it to the end I hope you enjoyed a wee snapshot of my colourful take on my fascination of all things houses.

signing off now

Adrienne x

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